About us

Our vision, origins, company and team
We connect

classical art and new technologies. We combine proven creative practices with innovations and creative methods of the digital age.

We enable

artists to reach out to generations that interact with the world through digital technologies.

We link the artwork

with an attractive virtual reality environment,  music and interactivity.

We bring art

and information content in an exciting and attractive way for people, who are interested in the fine arts.

About project
origins of the project

In early 2017 the schoolmates from Bratislava Slovakia, painter Andrej Augustin and entrepreneur in IT Emil Fitoš started chatting on combining traditional fine arts and technology. One year later they initiated a project of presenting artworks in virtual reality. They engaged professionals of different expertise and came up with first installation in September of that year. Subsequently they found co-investors, which allowed them to establish a startup forvisia. The project raised impressive attention both among artists and in general public.


Founder of the exhibition cycle Textile art of Today

Andrej Augustín

Former CEO Atos Slovakia and Czech Republic

President of the IT Association of Slovakia

Emil Fitoš
The forvisia company
before the forvisia

The early implementations of the Artworks in Virtual Reality were done by team of David Gulla from the company SKYFORM. The team was active in VR for the engineering industry in Slovakia and Austria for more than 10 years, the SKYFORM logo has existed on the market since 2001.

In autumn 2018 three investors, Emil Fitoš, Marek Kainrath and Roman Brutenič joined SKYFORM. They immediately started creating a daughter company of SKYFORM, which should be strictly oriented to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the arts sector. The name of the daughter company is forvisia.

forvisia today

The company was enrolled in February 2019. It is currently concentrating on sales and creation of the VR content. It keeps contracts with authors and copyright owners. For the technical activities it utilizes the resources of its mother company SKYFORM and external contractors. One of the founders, Emil Fitoš acts as the CEO. The location of the company is Krasovského 13, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia.

forvisia has one full time business developer, who is currently creating a flexible network of external sales partners. The sales team has goal to expand with the project outside of Slovakia. They are encouraged to talk to  public institutions, private galleries as well as sponsors, who might be interested in this way of art presentation.

The team

„After the years in the engineering industry, I’m returning to 3D animations and visual arts. My whole team and I are excited by the creative challenges and artistic passion.”

David Gulla, co-founder and creative director

„Creating complex art experience in virtual reality is much like film production. Except for interactivity. I insist on having a mission, arcanum solving or any other kind of story in each episode.”

Zuzana Dušičková, producer

„I’m an architect and I see my role in creating environments and objects which not only look real and may exist in a physical world, but which are also spectacular and appealing.”

Marcel Gacho, look developer

„You can interpret artwork in thousands of ways. It is an exciting challenge for me to find the right mood suitable for the particular piece of art – mysterious, funny, scary or dreamlike.”

Barbora Šablová, texture artist

„The modeling of natural objects and art pieces is far beyond anything that we were doing in industrial projects. You learn new things every day.”

Róbert Škraban, 3D modeler

„Due to computers and the internet, the world is changing rapidly and irreversibly.  And the fine arts seem to stand aside to these changes. We need to think about how to bring the best cultural values to the generation, which is digital, absorbs new things quickly and wants to be entertained.”

Petr Volný, business developer

„I have always aspired to compose music for computer games. This one is even more exciting considering the range of moods, emotions, and actions to be exalted.”

Daniel Kocian, aka Stroon, composer