Artworks experience in Virtual Reality
We have offerings for
  • museums and state galleries
  • collectors and private galleries
  • schools
  • artists
  • hi-tech generation

We are ready to digitize the artworks and create their “digital twins”, or use the digital copies the customers already have.

We will place them in the 3D environment furnished  to customers’ wishes.

We will emphasize either emotional or educational aspects depending on the target group; this may include interactivity, game-like missions for the users, music, sounds and audio commentarie.

We will enable users to access the content with VR headsets, personal computers or smartphones.

We can place the content online for public or restricted downloading.

We can recommend  the customer the optimal presentation hardware, support customers in arranging the VR set on  their premises or even help them physically with the installation.

Challenge for the artists, curators, art teachers, collectors:
Can you imagine presenting your chosen artworks

in a historical environment including characters of given period?

with details documenting author’s intensions and mindset?

with music and interactivity boosting users’ emotions?

online either in virtual reality or in 3D?

in a way attractive to younger, digital generations?

i an absolutely original way?